Novioscan’s Bladder Sensor

The SENS-U Bladder Sensor is our first proof of wearable ultrasound care.

The SENS-U supports people who do not sense a full bladder; such as children who are not potty trained yet, paraplegia patients, and elderly with incontinence problems.



Stay dry, play free

The SENS-U is a very comfortable wearable that is small, simple, wireless and with a discrete warning.

It is uniquely effective due to continuous monitoring by patented technology.

The application offers easy personalized insight to recognize and act upon a full bladder.

Early Adopter Program

Be one of the first clinics to train children with the SENS-U

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About Novioscan

Smart care by self monitoring

People are increasingly involved in their own health and eager to take personal control of their care.

Novioscan enables easy home, medical and sport care with use of self monitoring devices. Novioscan empowers people to take responsibility for their own health with comfort and freedom of movement.

Health professionals and care givers endorse Novioscan’s vision on smart care by self monitoring because it enables personalized effective care.

Ultrasound care made easy

Ultrasound sensors provide excellent care for people by monitoring their health condition.

Ultrasound technology is a proven and save technology for over 50 years. Ultrasound technology used to be hospital and clinic bound due to complexity in use and interpretation by experts.

Novioscan’s wearable and easy-to-use applications make smart ultrasound available for home, medical and sport care.



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