Presentation abstracts live at the ESPU-Nurses Meeting in Lyon!

April 25, 2019

Today Paul van Leuteren, P.G. presented three abstracts about the SENS-U Bladder Sensor at the #ESPU2019 Nurses Meeting in Lyon, France!

Presentation recent clinical data of using the SENS-U Bladder Sensor, live at the ESPU-Nurses Meeting in Lyon!

April 25, 2019

Today Technical Physician Paul van Leuteren, P.G. will presents recent clinical data of using the SENS-U Bladder Sensor for 1) children with daytime incontinence, for 2) children who wet their beds and for 3) children who perform intermittent catheterization at the ESPU-Nurses Meeting in Lyon!

The 30th European Society of Paediatric Urology (ESPU) in Lyon!

April 24, 2019

A lot of interest and positive responses at the 30th European Society of Paediatric Urology (ESPU) in Lyon! Meet the SENS-U Bladder Sensor at our booth!

Novioscan supports “Bijscholing Urotherapie 2019” at Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis

March 22 2019

Veel interesse en positieve reacties voor de SENS-U Blaassensor bij de ‘Urotherapie Bijscholingsdag’ in het #UMCUtrecht! #sensu #staydryplayfree #novioscan #urotherapie

Lots of positive and enthusiastic reactions for the SENS-U Bladder Monitor at the ‘Urotherapie Bijscholingsdag’ in the #UMCUtrecht! #sensu #staydryplayfree #novioscan #urotherapie

Novioscan supports “Bijscholing Urotherapie 2019” at Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis

March 22, 2019

For the 12th time the “Bijscholing Urotherapie 2019” will take place at the Wilhelemina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht. At March 22 urotherapy specialist will discuss the latest developments in this area and of course Novioscan will be present to support this program. Paul van Leuteren and Rob Genders will be available all day to answer questions about our innovative medical device, the SENS-U. Our first proof of wearable ultrasound care. We look forward meeting you in Utrecht!

Novioscan moves offices as growth continues


This month Novioscan moved into bigger offices at the NovioTech Campus in Nijmegen. We continue to grow and in order to accommodate all existing and new employees we have been able to obtain an exciting office at the high-tech campus in Nijmegen. Here we work on the development of new versions of the SENS-U and serve our customers in The Netherlands and abroad. Curious of what we are doing? Contact us or visit

Trade mission Germany

October 12 2018

Applause from the Royal Couple after Peter van Stiphout and Urlich Kerle signed a research agreement.

The King and Queen took the time for a demonstration of the SENS-U Bladder Sensor and concluded it is a “great product”. Professor von Gontard and his research team will use the SENS-Us for a large effectiveness study. They were enthusiastic about the SENS-U from the very beginning. He immediately said the bladder sensor could be revolutionary for the treatment of incontinence in children.

Scientific Publication

August 8 2018

We are very excited that the Journal of Pediatric Urology has published Paul’s article of his most recent study. The study demonstrated that the SENS-U is able to detect a full bladder with a success-rate of 90%. Based on this study we optimized the SENS-U further, Paul will present the findings of our new studies at the ICCS this September.


August 7 2018

The ULIMPIA Project brings together recent innovations in Ultrasound-on-Chip technology development and wearable devices. Novioscan is a partner in the ULIMPIA Project. Novioscan’s bladder sensor is great example of a smart body patch that can use this technology to make the wearable bladder sensor even smaller.

ESPU 2018

April 13 2018

Paul van Leuteren presented his most recent study at the ESPU: Validation of a wearable ultrasonic bladder monitor in children during urodynamic studies.

ESPU 2018

April 12 2018

A great day at the European Society of Pediatric Urology congress of 2018 in Helsinki. This year is extra special because we obtained the CE certification, which means the SENS-U can be used in every hospital and at home.

Product lancering SENS-U

March 23 2018

The first SENS-U bladder sensor is presented to Dr Dik, pediatric urologist at UMC Utrecht. On Friday we celebrated the CE and ISO 13485 certification and handed over the first 5 SENS-Us to our first customer, UMC Utrecht.

ICS 2017

September 15 2017

It was a pleasure being part of the International Continence Society Congress 2017. A lot of enthusiastic reactions about the promising benefits for children, elderly and paraplegia patients.

SENS-U Bladder Sensor

September 1 2017

New name and new style! The Bladder Sensor will now bear the name SENS-U. The U for Urology, Ultrasound and you!

ESPU 2017

April 9 2017

The ESPU 2017 was a great success yet again! Many familiar faces and interesting conversations. We initiated the subscription to the Early Adopter Program and were delighted with the response.

Contact us to learn more about the Early Adopter Program.

Urotherapy Symposium

March 31 2017

We presented the Noviomini at the Dutch Urotherapy Symposium at University Medical Center Utrecht. We proudly showed the progress we have made since last year – from concept to working sensor!

Publication research prototype Bladder Monitor

February 10 2017

We are very proud to announce the publication of Paul van Leuterens article on his research with the first prototype of the Bladder Monitor.

Link to the article

TV program “Nijmeegse Kennis”

January 17 2017

The N1 team interviewed Jorien de Jonge en Dr Pieter Dik for television program “Nijmeegse Kennis”. It was a nice platform to present the Noviomini Bladder Sensor and raise awareness for urinary incontinence in children.

Link to watch the program

New subsidy for miniaturization

December 23 2016

For the ultimate comfort in continuous wearing of an ultrasound monitor, extreme miniaturization is required. We call this extreme miniaturization ultrasound-on-a-chip.

For the development of this technology, Novioscan benefits from a subsidy of the European Union via the “Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling” for the “Novionano” project in cooperation with Tapir BV, who will develop the plaster needed to mount the bladder monitor on the skin.

Gadget of the Month

December 20 2016

Wearable Technologies selected the Noviomini Bladder Monitor as Gadget of the Month December 2016.

Product demonstration Medica 2016

 November 17 2016

We were proud to demonstrate the Noviomini Bladder monitor at Medica 2016.

New CEO Novioscan

August 1 2016

Novioscan is happy to announce that Peter van Stiphout will be its new CEO as of  July 1.

ESPU 2016

July 1 2016

Technical Physician Paul van Leuteren presented the promising results of the first clinical feasibility study on the Noviomini at the European Society of Pediatric Urology (ESPU) in Harrogate, Yorkshire (UK)