Meet SENS-U Kids

The SENS-U bladder sensor supports school-age children who are dealing with bladder problems.
The SENS-U  is a comfortable wearable that is small, simple, wireless and with a discrete notification.
The wearable sensor offers easy personalized insight to recognize and act upon a full bladder.

Key Features

Wearable Ultrasound

Wear the SENS-U all day with an adhesive patch on the abdomen.


Connect with Bluetooth to a smartphone.

Individual notification

Set a full bladder notification for each individual person based on maximum bladder capacity.

Discrete notification

Receive a notification of a full bladder on the smartphone or by a vibration in the SENS-U on the abdomen.

Position check

Find the correct position for the SENS-U on the abdomen to monitor the bladder.


She was proud to realize that she was already on her way to the toilet before the SENS-U reminded her.
Parents of girl (10, continence training)
He only had to catheterize 4 x per day with the sensor, as opposed to 5 x per day without a sensor. In addition, no wet pants during the 3 weeks using the SENS-U!
Parents of boy (11, neurogenic bladder)
The SENS-U helped a lot with motivation. Girl (12) has made enormous progress in recognizing urge and going to the toilet on time.
Pelvic floor physiotherapist (NL, continence training)
By using the SENS-U, going to the toilet cannot disappear to the background of your mind, the notification keeps coming back and that’s how it gets into your system to become alert to the urge of going to toilet.
Pelvic floor physiotherapist (NL, continence training)

For who?


The SENS-U kids is intended for children between age 6 and 12 who are under treatment by a medical professional.

Children who are late with toilet training learn to go to the toilet when the bladder is full.

Children with a neurogenic bladder can use the SENS-U for volume based intermittent catheterization.

The next SENS-U

The next version of the SENS-U will be intended for people dealing with incontinence and who need support with bladder management of all ages.